This small flat in Barcelona has been stripped down in order to be renovated in a very sustainable way and for a limited budget and. This has been possible because part of the work has been done by the owners themselves and because the majority of construction materials are second hand or reused. During the […]


Torn is a Macbook Pro holder (13″ & 15″) designed to help you keep a proper posture while working. It can be used on a hard desk as well as on a soft support such as a sofá a bed or your legs. It helps cooling the laptop so that you can get a better […]

Kringloop Zuid

Kringloop Zuid is a recycle center in Maastricht. The building looks like an enormous display window made out of reclaimed window-frames and left over sandwich panels of different colours. A discarded windmill blade, placed upright, works as a prominent landmark. Inside second hand goods are reconditioned in workshops and sold in the shopping area next […]

Sada Shiva Dham Temple

Design for a vedic temple in the natural reserve of the Dutch Veluwe. The temple has been designed according to the basic principles of the Vastu Shastra (vedic architecture) and is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Mahavatar Babaji. The final design and the construction of the Temple has been done by several […]

pauze play

Pauze Play is a mobile modular furniture for the public space. It is composed of 3 basic modules that can be stapled and assembled together in different configurations. The modules are made of reclaimed transport pallets and reclaimed billboards. Pauze Play activates the public space by giving the users the possibility to make their own […]


Design for a mobile podium for the Floriade 2012 in Venlo (The Netherlands). The podium is made of 3 parts and each of them can be transported by one person on a double bike. When joined together they create a podium of ca. 2 x 6m and otherwise they can be transported and used as […]


Cocasa is a design for a restaurant and meeting place for kids and grown-ups. It is located at the edges of Amsterdam’s city center, in an area where the city dissolves into nature. The building is round and has a water patio in the center: a 360º donut where the different segments are supplying water, […]


Moes is a bar and restaurant in the basement underneath De Appel in the center of Amsterdam. The restaurant is designed as a sequence of spaces with different atmospheres: a gradient of sound, light and movement which goes from the entrance on the busy Prins Hendrikkade to the quiet garden in the back. Lighting, acoustic, […]

el pajar

In a desolated village of the Valdavia (Spain), this hundred years old barn was about to fall down. We decided that we would rebuild it ourselves: experimenting with natural materials, finding out by experience what is possible with local materials, to best suit our needs and requirements, like high degree of isolation, sustainability, comfort and […]

I’d rather make a forest than a street

Together with Superuse Studios we won the competition to design a temporary artwork covering the façade of the Stadskantoor: Rotterdam’s central administrative office. We responded with a “vertical garden” which reflects the four seasons in a large piece of floral art. Old plant pots previously used for horticulture have been mounted against the boarded up […]