#Porfavorayuda es un proyecto que viene de la voluntad de hacer algo para unos de los graves problemas de nuestras ciudades. El primer paso es construir una relación de intercambio con los sin techo o ‘refugiados de la chatarra’, para que vayan recogiendo materiales (residuos voluminosos) que puedan ser convertidos en objetos de diseño por […]

the peepal grove school

During our stay at the Peepal Grove School in Andhra Pradesh, India, we were requested to help the local team to address the problem of water scarcity in the area. Following the DfSS methodology we first analyzed the situation and together with them we developed a water management plan that included a comprehensive vision of […]

baba kutir

Auto construction of a small hut with all natural materials: reused wood frame construction, straw and clay filling and wooden roof shingles.

indoeuro school

The SGRS International School has been started as a charity project in 2009 together with the NGO AID Eindhoven. The main aim is providing low cost, quality education in a rural area of northern India. Together with AID Endhoven we provided a cost-effective design and raised some funds so that part of the school could […]