solar bischofs

Mireia was the Process Coordinator responsible for full process installation and optimisation, of 2 turnkey solar cell production lines (mono & multicrystalline) at a customer in Germany. Step by step, working close to the process technologists and the customer, and making use of DfSS (Design for 6-sigma) methodology, each process step in the production line […]

quality solar panel

In this project we completed the full setup of process control infrastructure (SPC) & quality assurance system (IQC, OQC, FMEA, SOP’s) for new high efficiency PV solar panel production line in dutch-german company. Thanks to her work and that of the technical and management teams, the customer passed successfully the audit by VDE. This translated […]


Mireia was part of a multidisciplinary team (ECN, Philips, Holland Innovative) that was successful in developing a new/improved method for reliability testing of solar panels (thin film), specifically humidity ingress test. In this project a new in-situ technique to monitor module degradation during this (or any) accelerated test, was also developed: the module is exposed […]

the peepal grove school

During our stay at the Peepal Grove School in Andhra Pradesh, India, we were requested to help the local team to address the problem of water scarcity in the area. Following the DfSS methodology we first analyzed the situation and together with them we developed a water management plan that included a comprehensive vision of […]

Life Cycle

Executed Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of production machine for a customer, leading to system redesign to reduce highest environmental impact / cost: energy used in production. with: Holland Innovative