#Porfavorayuda es un proyecto que viene de la voluntad de hacer algo para unos de los graves problemas de nuestras ciudades. El primer paso es construir una relación de intercambio con los sin techo o ‘refugiados de la chatarra’, para que vayan recogiendo materiales (residuos voluminosos) que puedan ser convertidos en objetos de diseño por […]

PGS Biohut

The students of the Peepal Grove School wanted to build their own Biohut, so we gave them a short workshop in mud construction: we sorted the surrounding for proper soil and showed them different techniques… Few weeks later when we received the picture of what they built on their own we were amazed!


A “superuse workshop” with the students of the Windesheim College of Almere. During the four days of the educational program, some materials have been selected and dismounted in a local recycling point, some tests have been carried out to find the possible movements of the materials, before the design could be finalized and built on […]

anima bella

The workshops was approached through an ‘harvestmap’: a map of the waste materials found in the nearby areas. No particular design task was assigned to the students so that they could learn how to derive the design from the material potentials. With few bags of old clothes gathered from a collection point less then 1km […]

rifiuti a galla

Rising public awareness about the incredible amount of waste daily left behind on the mediterranean beaches during the hot summer months: collecting and turning that waste into something useful and funny in front of the thousands people unaware of the many valuable things they were abandoning on the beach. A few floating objects were built […]