el pajar

In a desolated village of the Valdavia (Spain), this hundred years old barn was about to fall down. We decided that we would rebuild it ourselves: experimenting with natural materials, finding out by experience what is possible with local materials, to best suit our needs and requirements, like high degree of isolation, sustainability, comfort and beauty.
Adobes : sun dried bricks made out of 90% clay and 10% straw, have been recovered and reused for the bearing walls. Non bearing walls have been filled up with a mixture of the same materials (clay 20% and straw 80%) which has been casted in wooden formworks. The roof structure is made of trusses and beams of local poplar wood. For the insulation of the roof we used cork sandwich panels. Finally the roof has been finished off with the tiles we could recover from the site.
Next phase would be to build the heat, power, water and sewage systems which will be completely running on sustainable and locally available resources.


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