I’d rather make a forest than a street

Together with Superuse Studios we won the competition to design a temporary artwork covering the façade of the Stadskantoor: Rotterdam’s central administrative office.
We responded with a “vertical garden” which reflects the four seasons in a large piece of floral art.
Old plant pots previously used for horticulture have been mounted against the boarded up windows in the form of trees. The rainwater is collected on the roof and buffered in 8,000 liters reused tanks in the attic; from there is gradually dripped into the pots on the façade by means of an irrigation system working by gravity. The plants have been selected and positioned in order to create a resistent and ever changing variety of species. The result gives the suggestion that a forest is growing behind the ruinous façade of the old municipal offices.
The project has been on for a period of 2 years while repairs were made and a secondary building was constructed nearby. Once dismounted the plants have been given away as a present to the numerous inhabitants who had become fond of that “forest” in the middle of Rotterdam.

with: Superuse Studios, Rob Tak

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