indoeuro school

The SGRS International School has been started as a charity project in 2009 together with the NGO AID Eindhoven. The main aim is providing low cost, quality education in a rural area of northern India. Together with AID Endhoven we provided a cost-effective design and raised some funds so that part of the school could be built. The SGRS school opened its doors in 2010 to more than 300 kids.
In 2011 we have raised more funds and the school has been provided with a 5KW photovoltaic so that all school facilities can run independently from the many intermittency of the power grid. This project not only addresses the primary needs of the school, but also the conviction that decentralized power production, from renewable sources, represents the most viable and sustainable alternative for supplying the growing power demand of India.

with: AID Eindhoven

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