Moes is a bar and restaurant in the basement underneath De Appel in the center of Amsterdam.
The restaurant is designed as a sequence of spaces with different atmospheres: a gradient of sound, light and movement which goes from the entrance on the busy Prins Hendrikkade to the quiet garden in the back. Lighting, acoustic, materials and ventilation are tuned in a different way in each section of the restaurant.
Through a harvest map several waste materials within a radius of few kilometers were found: cable reels from the street works, light boxes from the Schiphol Airport, rubber rolls from the print industry, acoustic ceiling tiles from offices buildings. All these materials have been re-used in a functional way to shape the interior of the restaurant. The cable reels have been dismounted and the wooden core reused for the benches and the vault, while the metallic components like threads, steel plates and rings have been reused for the tables. The thin metallic table plates are clad with rubber print rolls. The Schiphol light boxes are turned into the lighting system of the restaurant but also into a display case for wine and other bottles. The acoustic tiles are used to dump the sound reverberation in different spaces of the restaurant. In total 60% of the materials used for the interior of Moes are coming from waste material streams.

with: Superuse Studios (formerly known as 2012Architecten)
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