The spot is a difficult one: a steep slope going down toward the north. An unbalanced proportion between the area and the square meters to realize makes the design even more complicate. Since there is not enough space we are obliged to add one more floor to the program; which is not optimal for a Kindergarten. We take this difficult issue and make it a challenge for the design. The solution is to use ramps to access the different levels and at the same time use them to articulate the space and make it more interesting for the children. Each of the three units needs its own playground on the outside. Again the limited amount of square meters makes it quite difficult. The solution is to distribute such spaces on different level, following the natural slope for the first two units, while the third has its playground on the roof. The interiors are designed as an open space, we use only the ramps and the furniture to articulate the space. The details are simple, due to the limited budget. Resins and colors are used in the inside instead of other expensive materials, while on the outside bricks and corrugated plates are chosen. A thick insulation layer (rock wool), five solar thermal collectors on the roof, and a radiating floor heating reduce to almost zero the energy needed to assure a good level of comfort. Velux systems in the roof and a double glazing to the east façade give abundant sunlight to the spaces.

with: Andrea Abita

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