For this design competition we have been inspired by the way nature is always supporting her self on different sources: the more resources an ecosystem is relying on the more resistent and resilient it is.
According to the program of the competition, the floating house was supposed to be completely self-sufficient or autarchic. Autarchy often implies that all the systems have to be calibrated on the worse climatological conditions: this often means a waste or resources due to the overproduction during part of the year. By using multiple sources for heat and power production this problem is at a great extent reduced. The main heat source is the organic material coming from the pruning of green areas in the neighborhood: based on the Jain Pain composting technique, the floating house is able to transform the waste coming from the autumn pruning into a resource for the winter heating months. Solar thermal and a well oriented green house are other available sources of heat.
The design is made to adapt according to the customs of the users and to the technological advancements: all the systems are placed as modules on the outside of the building and can be replaced or added according to the users needs. Autarchy is displayed on the outer skin of the floating house and by interacting with the space around it helps to spread the ecological awareness amongst the neighbors.

with: Lotte Middelkoop, Nels Nelson, Daan van Schie, Dennis Wasch, Piero Medici

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