the peepal grove school

During our stay at the Peepal Grove School in Andhra Pradesh, India, we were requested to help the local team to address the problem of water scarcity in the area. Following the DfSS methodology we first analyzed the situation and together with them we developed a water management plan that included a comprehensive vision of the problem and a clear roadmap of how to intervene (see pdf).
In order to avoid the exhaustion of natural aquifers the following themes were proposed: water usage reduction, water cleaning and re-use and rainwater harvesting. Low tech, natural and cost effective solutions were chosen in order to make the systems more resilient and user friendly. The action points were placed on a ranking list based on the water saving factor per rupee invested.
It resulted in a clear tool to plan the interventions according to the available budget. After only 6 months the rain water harvesting and water cleaning was already functioning in the campus.

With: The Peepal Grove School, Biome Solutions

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