we are

weare_799x300Mima arises from Mireia and Marco and derives from the spanish word mimar, which means ”to care for”. We care for our Earth, for each animal, for each person, for our future together, in peace.

Mireia was born in Spain. She studied physics, some time ago. After years in academia and industry she has gathered the strength and skills to start building up her vision of the future, together with Marco and whoever might be interested. Mireia is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has worked as consultant for different industrial partners in the high tech and renewable energy industries. She has extensive experience in process/product optimization. She works with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods to calculate the environmental impact of a product, process or building.

Marco was born in Italy. He studied architecture in Italy and Spain. For several years he has worked with Superuse Studios (formerly known as 2012Architecten) in The Netherlands, exploring the potential of a ‘resource-based’ design practice: the locally available waste materials and resources are the basis for the entire design process. He has designed and realized self sufficient water and energy systems in different climatic contexts in Europe and India, helping local communities to make a better use of their limited resources. He has lead several workshops in Italy, Spain and The Netherlands teaching how to turn locally available waste and natural materials into resources. Marco also enjoys to build furniture, interiors and small scale buildings.

Mireia and Marco are strongly convinced that connecting and sharing their vision with people is the key to a more sustainable and efficient society. They cooperate with several institutions around the globe such as: Superuse Studios, Rahovitza, Studio Content, Verbeke Foundation, Biome